Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Teacher Back-To-School To-Do List

Teacher Back-To-School To-Do List

I always have a list going of the things that I need to get done to prepare my room, and be ready to start the school year.  Here is my list, and I would love for you to add to the list as well!

1.     Review and update curriculum materials: I always go through my files and units and decide on what activities linked to the standards and engaged my students.  I research new ideas that would add a twist to a unit as well. 

2.   Decide on a classroom theme:  I find having a classroom theme for a year makes learning enjoyable for the students.  Themes I have used in the past include: detective / mystery theme, frogs, popcorn, rock ‘n roll, monsters, ants / picnic, jungle theme, pirate, Hollywood, western, and this year I am doing an army theme, which is the inspiration for my army themed blog!

3.   Create bulletin boards: I absolutely love creating bulletin boards.  I put them up around the school too.  I feel that there should always be some sort of bulletin board or way to showcase student work.  It is important for students to see all of their hard work on display.  One other personal preference, I don’t but things up that are seasonal.  This is because some students do not celebrate different seasons / holidays, and then I am on a time constraint of when I HAVE to change the bulletin board. 

4.    Create nametags, student labels, locker tags, get supplies: Do you spend your summer searching for the best school supplies sales like I do?  Does your week revolve around the penny folder sale at Staples, or the 20 cent Crayola crayon and colored pencil sales?  Oh, how I love bargains!  I think I am a label freak.  I print a sheet of student labels for just about everything: tool boxes, math journals, reading workbooks, notebooks, crayon boxes, marker packets, all 6 six colored folders in their desk, etc.  I use them all year long.  Labels, how do I love thee?
5.   Create new center activities and powerpoints: The summer is the perfect time to let my creative juices flow.

6.   Organize my classroom: Set-up routines that I would like to have in place in my class.  Decide on a desk set-up.  Create classroom center areas for small group work, and fast finishers.  Organize my manipulatives and games to make sure that everything is in order to start the year.
7.   Relax, have fun, and recharge for an amazing school year!

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