Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!

As much as I am enjoying my summer vacation, I have to admit on the 4th of July, I wish we were in school.  I feel there are so many teachable moments about the true meaning of Independence Day.  So, I ask that if you have kids, teach summer school, or work at a summer camp, that you take a few moments and share a historical trivia fact:

-      July 4, 1776 is when the 13 colonies first declared its independence from Great Britain.  The 13 colonies were not happy with Great Britain’s taxes and their unwillingness to allow the colonists to send a representative to the British Parliament. 

-      The signing of the Declaration of Independence didn’t actually happen on July 4th.  The official event occurred on August 2, 1776, when 50 men signed it.  There are a total of 56 signatures on the Declaration of Independence.

-      Congress declared the 4th of July a federal holiday in 1941.  It is one of the few federal holidays that is not observed on a Monday or a Friday.

-      The flag with its red, white and blue is one of the most important patriotic symbols that our country has to represent our freedom.  The first flag was sewn by Betsy Ross.  It looks like this:

Write a comment and share a historical trivia tidbit that you feel that is important for kids to know about the 4th of July.

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