Monday, July 2, 2012

Huge Give Away!

Check out the Huge Celebration Giveaway that Peace, Love & Learning is organizing.  Click on the picture to link to her blog to learn about the awesome giveaways, and opportunity to link up with some other fabulous blogs.  You have a chance to win big! 
Bonus since I am brand new to blogging: 
 If you follow my TpT store and my blog, I will send you the 80 character education banners for free!  You have to send me an e-mail at, so I have your e-mail address to send you an electronic copy of the banners.  This way, everyone is a winner!    
P.S. I am away on a cruise of the Mediterranean Sea until the end of July for my honeymoon.  I promise to send the character education banners when I return!    

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Sara said...

Happy Honeymoon! I'm going to be going on a cruise Friday to the Bahamas! Have fun!!

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