Sunday, September 16, 2012

Man, I Wish I Thought of That!

I was buzzing around pinterest, websites, and the internet and saw some simply clever teaching ideas.  I thought you would love them too!

Dice Game Containers

It drives me crazy when students dice are rolling on the floor, and making a ton of noise during dice games in math.  These little plastic containers are the perfect solution!  You can purchase a set of 4 of them at the Dollar Store. 

Milk Crate Chairs

I am always looking for creative storage solutions, and these milk crates are the next best thing for my classroom needs.  I can't wait to purchase some milk crates, fun material, boards and cushion and create these milk crate chairs.  These crates will be perfect for my center material storage, and will not take up space in the classroom because they will double as seats for my small group table. 

Brain Sprinkles

This idea just cracks me up, and I know it will make the students smile!  Every once and awhile the kids are stumped on coming up with an answer, and brain sprinkles will help them loosen up and hopefully help their brain waves retrieve the answer.  Brain sprinkles are a great way if you want them to be motivated right before a test. 

Tattle Monsters

 This is how you turn simple tissue boxes into something super eye catching.  This is a great way for students to write down what may be on their mind, and put it into the monster's mouth.  Hopefully, this will allow the students to voice their concern and get their tattle out of the way, allow you to focus on teaching, and check in with the tattle monsters as it fits into your daily schedule.  Here's to a year of productivity, and not a lot of tattling :)


Patti White said...

I liked the dice idea and I was able to find those exact containers at the Dollar Store. I also have the stuff to make the milk crate chairs, but I am still waiting for my hubby to cut the plywood.

I teach 3rd grade too and I just joined your blog! I would love for you to stop by mine when you get a chance!
Patti :)
A Series of 3rd Grade Events

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